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Presentations, Events, Trainings & Workshop(s) 

New Events/Presentations/Trainings and Workshops Coming in 2023

One Colorado GSA Summit at UCCS

Focus upon support, skills and resources for parents, family members and youth serving adults who have a person close to them who has recently disclosed their sexuality or identity and is struggling, unsupportive or who may be supportive and does not currently know how to proceed in support.

The Classical Academy

Open-discussion presentation with Break-out Sessions Focusing on Topic,

"What if my child's LGBTQ?"

Widefield High School

Mental Health Expo Presentation: "Parenting in the 21st Century"

May 2018 Perceptions Counseling Services Lunch & Learn @ Atlas Preparatory High School, Colorado Springs, "A New Resource in Colorado Springs For Parents / Adults of LGBTQ Youth:"

July 2018: Wellness for Widefield (Community Resource Event) Hosted by Perceptions Counseling Services LLC. and Denver Springs Hospital.


May 2018: Denver Springs Hospital Training Focusing on "The Journeys Workshop," and Working with Parents of LGBTQ Youth


The Journey's Workshop 2018 

Presentations / Events / Workshop(s) of 2017

Presentations (at Various Colorado Springs High Schools with the Mental Health Awareness Expo Team)

DBSA / Innova Recovery, Perceptions Counseling Services, LLC  (focus on family support and mental health.

Event Participation
The Journey's Workshop

Pueblo Youth Empowerment Summit

Open-discussion group facilitation.

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