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Counselor Information


"In the Colorado Springs area I'm known as the blue haired counselor and I work diligently each day to fulfill my life-long dream of providing: quality, focused, and affordable mental health support  in a safe and supportive environment for adult members of our community."


Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional 


B.A. in Psychology, graduate Magna Cum Laude, 2012, Argosy University, Denver

M.A. in Mental Health Counseling, Chi Sigma Iota Honors, 2015, Argosy University, Denver


Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society International

  • Chi Sigma Iota Omega Sigma Phi Chapter, 2013-2015


American Counseling Association, 2015 - 2021

ALGBTIC Division of the American Counseling Association, 2016 - 2021

IATP: International Association of Trauma Professionals, 2018- Present

Colorado Counseling Association 2022

Continued Education & Certifications

Intensive Cognitive Behavioral 

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional 

LGBTQ+ Community Specified Training

LGBT+ Multicultural and Diversity Certification

Advanced Transgender & Gender Identity Certification

Diagnosis and Treatment of Gender Dysphoria

Comprehensive Exploration into the Field of Dissociation and Complex Trauma

Clinical Application of the Polyvagal Theory with Stephen Porges, PhD, Trauma, Attachment, Self-regulation & Emotions

Polyvagal Theory Informed Trauma Assessment and Interventions

An outline of all the counselors lists of education, seminars, workshops, certifications and training will be reviewed with each client when beginning mental health therapy support for any questions a client may have.

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